Motor Fleet

Motor Fleet

Our motor fleet insurance offering goes way beyond just competitive premiums with core policies in the traditional composite insurer markets, Lloyds and specialist fleet insurers. No matter how large or small the fleet of vehicles that you operate is we have solutions from simple packages through to self-insured options and we welcome the opportunity to illustrate how we can make a true difference to your business.

Our vast experience in the motor fleet market ensures that our clients are able to compare the terms available from all of the major and specialist markets operating in the UK.

Any company operating a fleet of vehicles, large or small, will appreciate the value of keeping any vehicle downtime to an absolute minimum and reducing the administrative burden wherever possible. Consequently the Prescott Jones Fleet Team provides a range of additional services for our clients including:

  • Fleet risk management advice including driver and accident analysis
  • Removal of the need for claim forms
  • Approved repairer networks
  • Recovery of uninsured losses
  • Provision of ‘like for like’ replacement vehicles
  • Retrospective rebates to reflect good claims records

Prescott Jones will also manage your legal requirements in respect of the Motor Insurance Database often acquiring dispensation to deal directly on your behalf.


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